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Sony's marketing department has to be ran by Don Draper or something because they are consistently releasing really great adverts. You already know I enjoyed the way they marketed Star Wars: Battlefront last month and there's the iconic Michael advert -- that perfectly sums up what people get out of playing games -- but now there's a dance party/musical number commercial and it's actually pretty great.
Okay, so maybe it's not totally a musical. But still a really fun dance routine right? And maybe you're one of those people who thinks this is cheesy or lame or silly but isn't that the essence of all of everything we enjoy as players?
I mean we sit in front of screen and get lost in these magical, fantastical, beautiful worlds for hours on end and we don't really complain about it. We accept it. And maybe, in a way, this dance routine is exactly how we feel when we're playing games with or without friends.
The way that gaming has evolved where we're all connected through the Internet is a lot like a dance number in a musical. I mean, there's drop-in drop-out multiplayer and much like every musical I've seen, dancers and performers come in and out of the scene along with the song. Sony perfectly captured this feeling of being a part of something bigger than yourself and having the ability to join your friends in whatever they're doing at a moments notice.
Honestly, I love it. Also, all the references to various Playstation games they managed to fit into a minute long advert is amazing. Can you spot them all?
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I love Sony commercials in general. I also loved that hot pockets or whatever tried to copy it with that virtual reality commercial. XD