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Everytime I think about the piragua truck, I think about my great uncle. He was one of the best male influences in my life, even though he passed away when I was very young. I don't have many memories of him, but I do remember him being a very kind man. He had such great respect for the women of our family.
I also remember him pushing the piragua cart down Warwick street in Brooklyn, stopping by my abuela's house. I remember asking for a piragua -- and I'd always chose the strawberry flavor. That never changed.
After he passed, I still had piraguas -- some people called them "snow cones" or "icees." I internally call them "memories."

Have you ever had a piragua?

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In the Virgin Islands we call them Fraco
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@Tink I should! I never went beyond strawberry haha
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@ssantiago0911 cool! Do they make them with the big box of ice there too??
2 years agoReply
nah we don't the crush the ice prior....that's what I miss most about nyc
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in Dominican Republic we call them Frio Frio :)
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