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I was looking back at some of my favorite memes when I discovered this little clip from Teen Beat magazine. DAMN, I remember when Jonathan Taylor Thomas was every American girls' imaginary boyfriend, but I don't think I would've gone THIS far for him!
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@DenieceSuit I'm absolutely shocked. I had no idea. I honestly live in a cave. that's sad
@petname83 before finding Kpop there was teenbeat an bop magazines with some really hot American guys. now I like hot Asian guys that instead of being older then me are now younger. this is life in reverse.
I remember those @DenieceSuit. my mom got me subscriptions for my 11th birthday. sometimes being a fangirl makes me think I really am a dirty ol' cougar...specially when it comes to Ren and Suga lol but no worries.
completely agree @petname83
@danidee oh he's fine by me. But I wouldn't have gone That far!! Not for him!!