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The Song You Need When You Want to Go Back to Them

A couple of days ago, a good friend of mine introduced me to Little Brother. I don't know too much about him, or the history of this side project, but I do know that his lyrics cut and scar. They rip at your ribcage and try to pry out your heart. His vocals are coarse and smooth at the same time. It moves between two planes and when the lyrics reach an emotional high (or low) point, his vocals reflect that.
The song Moving Day is one that is particularly cutting. It hits me in a place I didn't want to remember. It took me down a road, I had all but forgotten. At least I thought I had forgotten it. I thought I had ripped these feelings from my brainstem and left them out by the trash. But I haven't. Not at all. They're still here and, honestly, it hurts.
I listened to this song and read the lyrics (some of which are below) and remembered feeling like I won't meet anyone new. And I should go back to one of my exes because I can love them and deal with them for the most part. It's a terrifying feeling, thinking that you left your person for selfish reasons. This song brings all that back for me.

Notable Lyrics:

I can never stay in the same place, ‘cause I’m afraid of being known. And I’ve got so much left to tell you, but there’s so much that you’ll never know. And I keep pushing you away, and I know one day that you’ll go. Leave me with the emptiness that I made, and I’ll die waiting by the phone. And if I make it out of my room, I’ll look for you.
Fuck it let’s get married and we’ll run away together, we’ll have tiny little jobs and a city apartment and I’ll never have to say goodbye again. As long as the city Summer breeze, blows through those white curtains.
@paulisaghost oh I absolutely understand. He really is a great writer and knows how to speak right to your heart.
Oh that's such a good one too! All his songs really get to me though, so I can't listen to him all the time. Only most of the time, if that makes sense. Hahaha
I know (and adore) this guy's music. My favorite by him so far is Chloe. :)
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