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14 Things You Never Knew You Could Do With Beer

Bro! Is the frat house covered in half-empties after a night of drunken revelry? Don't get rid of that extra beer just yet – here are 14 weird ways to reuse it.
Check out these cool things you never knew you could do with beer:

1. Marinate a steak pre-grilling, and possibly reduce your risk of cancer.

Turns out marinating your meat in beer can help prevent the formation of carcinogenic compounds due to high-heat grilling. You can learn more here!

2. Trap and kill slugs, and save your garden from slimy, destructive pests.

If you find your garden under attack from slugs, set out a little dish of beer. They'll be attracted to the sugars in it, climb on it, and drown. Sorry lil' buddies!

3. Condition your hair for a healthy, textured shine.

So the above picture is apparently one that exists on the internet. Hmm. Well, it seems you can also now use beer as a shine-enhancing, texturizing hair rinse! Read more here.

4. Cook rice in beer instead of water, giving it an interesting nutty flavor.

Sounds like it could be good! Inexpensive American lagers work particularly well; avoid anything overly hoppy. Samuel Adams has a recipe on their website.

5. Make a beer can roof! Turn beer cans into aluminum shingles.

That's one way to shingle your shed. Probably pretty cost-effective, too! Learn how here.

6. Cook a deliciously moist roast chicken.

Beer can chicken is a classic! Shove a can up its chicken butt and taste the magic. Recipe here.

7. Make a beer can into a really cool dish or ashtray.

A great DIY gift for your favorite beer-lover. Instructions here.

8. Make an impromptu can stove. Add fuel, and you can cook dinner!

Just... don't blow anything up, okay? Learn more here.

9. Craft a DIY dixie cup dispenser.

I feel like this would be really cool in a dive bar bathroom. Instructions here.

10. Soften skin and prevent blemishes.

Try a homemade beer face mask or foot soak!

11. Mix up some finger-lickin' good homemade barbecue sauce.

Recipe here.

12. Polish wooden furniture (with flat beer, in particular).

Spill some beer on your coffee table? It's actually good for it! Rub it in with a soft cloth.

13. Remove tarnish from brass and copper.

This isn't really a problem for me, because I'm too poor to have anything made of brass or copper. But you can apparently use beer to polish your pots and pans! Beer's slight acidity dissolves tarnish, leaving the metal surface shiny and squeaky clean.

14. Draw insects away from party guests.

Simply place a few bowls of beer far from the party. Bugs are attracted to the sugars in beer.
Do you know any other weird things you can do with beer (besides get drunk)? :D
u-uh, wow, a lot of uses for beer o.o I wouldn't put it on my face... butttt, I like the idea of the Dixie cup dispenser and dish o:
Mmmm, nothing like an acidic pan cleaner to slosh down dinner. *shiver*
Oh, beer..what can't you do?
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