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Noona November #2
Im doing another one because @AnnahiZaragoza tagged me in hers and I'm not passing up the opportunity to do another :P I'm not so much of a noona to him ( I'm May 1992 and he's December 1992) but I think it might still count :P
I didn't like him at first but then I saw this ^^and everything changed.
literally watched videos of him eating and thought they were the best❤❤
his awkwardness makes him perfect and his "confidence" is hilarious.
you may be 3rd on my BTS❤ list but I have love for you Kim Seok Jin my pretty princess
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"I'm the happiest when I'm eating" Yasssss!!! Who can hate Jin, he's the sweetest! Great pick, great pick! Love your card!
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@AnnahiZaragoza I know right!! I tried not to like him but you can't hate him after you watch him eat :P && thanks ❤
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Reminds me Onew and chicken...
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