I will probably make another Noona November card,
aka the most brilliant idea ever by @kpopandkimchi so all the props,
but I want to do a card dedicated to this super adorable kid!
He is a very end of 95 liner, and I am a 92 liner so I am definitely his noona:
Bobby aka Kim Jiwon from iKon!
Who my friends and I, #yakpak, affectionately call yak daddy, but that is another story. One that has to do with it being up way too late and way too many (not possible) yak sounds happening in My Type. But like I said, that story is long and not important.
What is important is:
Why do we love him?
Let's just get those out of the way first.
Yes yes Bobby your abs are ridiculous. Good good.
Now let's get on to the true heart eyes.
This is what wooed us at first (minus the yak).
Bobby is such a loyal family boy.
This includes his relatives like him mom and aunt (he bought his parents a home and moved them over to South Korea the first chance he could you guys...)
It also includes his members. Bobby is a sweetie face.
Bobby has MAJOR stage presence and performance ability and talent.
Don't believe me?
Go YouTube SMTM3 Bobby Bounce.
It's okay I'll wait for you...
Do it?
Yeah. I rest my case.
Kid has talent out the yak.
Did I mentioned his eye smile is out of the yakking world?
If that isn't a cutie face, I don't know what is.

In love yet???

Join the club.
*like literally we call ourselves the yak pack, no judgement bro*
Where my yak pack at?
I am totally missing a few I just can't remember ya'lls names on here! I'M SO SORRY IM SENDING VIBES.
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@thePinkPrincess i sent a heyyy i hopw it was you lol cause the tagline was in korean and I got so confused.
@ChelseaJay uhhh I don't think that's me. My profile pic is Jin wearing bunny ears
Ahhhh @thePinkPrincess add me instead aryaelajae