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Let's play Would You Rather! :)

You know the name of the game! Presented with two options, which would you take? Today's mind-boggling question:

Would you rather...

go on a date with someone 40 years older than you?

(Okay, I'll admit that the age gap pictured above is probably more than 40 years.)


let your parents choose your next significant other?

(Let's hope they're better at that than at planning family vacations.)

Ready?! Discuss! :D

I'd go on a date with someone 40 years older than me. Why? Because who knows, you may be giving them the time of their lives. A Memory that may touch their heart for the rest of their life. I'd say that's pretty rewarding to think that an older woman could be swept off her feet (Swept, not falling people; I ain't replacing no hip...) by the likes of a 33 year old me. When you get older the dating thing gets harder. Older ladies and gents need some affection too. And you "did" say for a night, not multiple dates. :P Just think of it as being an Escort for the night. Minus the pay mind you. Ahahaha.
@ShinigamiSan Age gap, yes that is strange. But did you consider it like this: If you have a wonderful grandmother who you love, wouldn't you take her out for a night on the town? A nice dinner, chatting about anything really, giving her roses and showing her your affection as a relative. Wouldn't this date thing be sort of the same thing? No one suggested anything sexual so I honestly see no barriers to speak of, and the weirdness of it is truly just the feeling of being with a stranger. Which we deal with every day normally. New Jobs, touring new places, making friends. It's really the same, isn't it? That's just my way of seeing it.
I would actually let my mom choose. I don't think I could deal with the age gap.
I would let my parents choose. My mom would know who is best for me, so I trust her on that
@Danse Good point. I would totally do that for my grandmother. Thank you. That's a good way to look at it. So... looking at it that way... I'd still be kinda interested to see who my parents pick, but going out with my Grandmother would be more pleasant. So I pick the first option if my Grandmother counts.
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