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I don't know if you've all seen THIS amazing card by @Luci546 (but you really need to – it's awesome, so check it out)!! :D It's all about the fantasies people drift off into in everyday life, when we're deep in mundane situations like riding the bus, zoning off in class, sitting in the dentist's office, etc.
I think everyone has a fantasy (or fantasies) that they let their mind run wild in now and then, to lessen the drudgery of everyday life. @Luci546 was sweet enough to tag me, so I'm going to tell you a little about mine! :)
When I'm sitting on the train, heading to work, I daydream about the people in my life. Mostly, I daydream about one special person in particular. I remember times we shared, perhaps embellished a bit in my head, and dream up memories we'll share in the future.
Mostly, it's nothing too fantastical. When I was younger, I dreamt of crazy adventures, intergalactic space battles, riding a dragon, being able to talk with animals... but these days, especially as I've been reading less and less science fiction and fantasy perhaps, my daydreams have strayed into the territory of the mundane.
But these days, I suppose the mundane things, like falling in love, finding my soul mate (or one of them), dreaming up a big future for myself – those are the things that excite me. :) I never want to lose the part of myself that's responsible for child-like wonder, of course; and I don't think I have. But for now, I dream of a better life, and imagine days by the side of someone I deeply care for.
Sorry it took me so long to respond, @Luci546!!! I loved your challenge card and was so happy you made it! But it's been hard to think of what I daydream about, because I've been so busy writing and working and trying to get sleep on top of it all... I'm sure it's much the same for you in college >.<
Oh! And I just remembered this – sometimes I like to dream myself into the plots of my favorite books, where I can interact with my favorite characters and help save the day :) That's always a fun way to occupy my mind. ^.^
Thanks again for the challenge!! @LAVONYORK @amobigbang @MarySEW Any of you guys interested in participating? :D Check out Luci's original card for more!!
Wooow so cool!! I'm the same way, often dreaming that I am into my book that I'm reading. Those are the best :D
I dreamed I was in a book once, it was the user manual for my TV, and I was the TV.
LOL @InPlainSight hahahahaha. You got me there. (And thank you for your kind thoughts, I hope the same~ we'll see how it goessss. Sighhh)
@InPlainSight is really taking to being in Funny Community XD
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