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Actor Lee Dong Wook is a single, caring father. On March 15th, KBS released the first still from new historical drama “Heaven's Order.” The picture features leading male role Choi Won (Lee Dong Wook) and his daughter Choi Rang (child actress Kim Yoo Bin). Choi Won is braiding his daughter’s hair, while the little girl checks herself in the mirror, as this is described as a peaceful, normal day in their lives. In the drama, Choi Won becomes a single father, after his wife died. He has to play the role of both a father and a mother, and as seen in the picture, that includes doing womanly things. A representative from the drama stated that Lee Dong Wook takes care of Kim Yoo Bin like she was his real daughter, and that he has developed a great affection for the little girl. “Heaven's Order” is about a herbal doctor Choi Won, who works as royal doctor. He tries hard to look for the cure, to his daughter’s terminal disease. In the middle of all that, he gets unfairly involved in a conspiracy to kill the current king. Due to that, he has to know live as fugitive. “Heaven's Order” that is also starring Song Ji Hyo, will start its run on April, after the conclusion of “IRIS 2.”
@oj1992 I agree. Some of the dramas I watched, I actually liked the children cast more than their adult counterparts.
I like all the korean child actors/actresses. they are all so cute and smart to be able to remember the entire script.
@oj1992 Hahahaha! I didn't even notice that! How funny!
omg that crazy! i didnt even notice that! hopefully this is a behind the scenes pic
@oj1992 now that you mention it!! lol
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