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Soo Ive finally reached my breaking point and decided..............

We need to stop this madness!

These guys have been killing us for way too long and its way too much now so we must all band together to stop this.............BELOW ARE SOME PICTURES OF WHAT NEEDS TO BE STOPPED:


Our first subject,some may know as king jay, I like to call this one Mr.DoesntKnowWhenToStopBeingSexy with his album having come out this week hes been way too much to handle and he definitely needs to stop all this like asap. Also featured with Mr.ILikeToKillPeopleWithMySexiness is Mr.KillerWhaleSexySquad Okasian hes another one that needs to stop


Next Subject doesnt know when to stop ....its way to early to deal with Mr.ImTooSexySoLetMeBeSexierByPosingWithMyCuteDog. This one never stops and he just gets sexier and sexier and for the sake of my health he needs to stop.


This one.....this one here needs to stop seriously. No one gave him permission to kill us Mr.ImSexyButIPretendNotToNoticeSoICanKillEveryoneSlowly Then he has the nerve to shoot with Loco Stop please and thank you

G Dragon

Last but not least the man that needs to be stopped asap!!!!Ive given him countless warning And Mr.ImTheKingOfSexinessHereToRuinYourLifeForever refuses to listen soooo i have decided to give these guys a finally warning and if they keep up this behavior.............

a lot of ์—„๋งˆ's will be called! lol

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okasian is bae af tbh he was there before i even knew about jpark @carolinacastane
i know lol next to my baby keith ape and jay all day and koh @bnrenchilada
dont forget loota!!!! he was bae ooohhh And whybdoes GD have better legs than me @carolinacastane
haha i couldnt remember his name D: my baby lol and idk haha cuz hes a G.O.D @bnrenchilada
hahahaha fr fr @ @carolinacastane