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Thanks to @kpopandkimchi she start and amazing thing called noona November, we all can admit that these younger idols stealing our heart! I am a 91liner.
All of got7! Has my feeling some type a away but Mark got me having butterflies! And Yugyeom makes me want to just hug him none stop! And he sooo much younger then me. When I first saw both of them I thought they were my age. I want kinda shock when I seen they were younger then me, but did that stop the feels?? No. Not at all Mark: September 1993 Yugyeom: November 1997
B.A.P Choi Jun-hong aka Zelo! I knew he was younger then me from the start and I swore up and down I would only think of him as a cute adorable little thing! But no, this little sh** wiggles his way into my heart and causes me to just stare at him and drool! October 1996
Then there is Woo Ji Ho aka Zico aka the love of my life! Do I really need to explain? I mean Zico is just an all around amazing man! The first time I seen him was in mommae by Jay park. I watched it for Jay cause he just so sexy, but little Zico stole my attention from Jay! How is that possible? Idk. Idk idk but he did, every time I watched it I just stared and was like who is this dude? Then when I found block b I found him! And pretty much was hooked! September 1992
Lee Tae-min or taemin! Okay I could have sworn he was older then me! But no! No he is not! Choi Min-ho aka Minho I'm older then him too! Omg why!!! But still I love these two boys from shinee! I really thought they were older then me when I first started listening to them. So I fell for them pretty hard! Then I find out that I'm older then them 😳 still I find them hella sexy and I will never stop drooling over their sexiness! Minho: December 1991 Taemin: July 1993
I could go on forever with this cause there is a lot! But these are the main ones! Love all my boys!
Noona November is now my favorite thing. :D
He just to adorable to not like @Jiyongixoxo
got7 kills me especially yugyeum lately like dude stop trying to kill me and age atleast 2 years first 😂😂