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안녕하세요! 카레수프 입니다.
Well, if that wasn't too hard to read, then you're ok; if that was a little hard to read, then we need to talk.
Talk about what?
Hangul, of course!
미소! If you're learning Korean, keep on smiling! It's not that easy, but I swear, I might be able to lend you a hand.
To say the truth--I'm not Korean. And I'm not fluent in this language, but I'm learning. And yes, It's kind of risky to learn Korean from a non-Korean speaker, but I feel like it's better when we do that. I, honestly, feel like learning Korean from a native is a lot riskier for some reason.
They through so much stuff at you (based on experience), and it's very disorganized. So, why not learn Korean from students like me? Or you? It's a lot easier to understand from each other, and it's not out of your comfort zone--
Together, we can make a change!
Join with me to learn Korean today! (And no, it's completely free. And it sounds like an ad, but it's not. Don't worry xP)
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me too!!✌ I know some words in korean from watching k dramas lol
2 years ago·Reply
Tnx alottt!!!😘👍
2 years ago·Reply
I'll join
2 years ago·Reply
Sounds like a good idea!
2 years ago·Reply
i want to be a part too
2 years ago·Reply