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I guess my first post here should be an introductory one. Hehe
So without sounding like a crazed fangirl here's a little about me. 1. My real name is Cidney (like Sidney) 2. My humor is dry and closer to sarcasm. If you don't laugh I totally understand...even I don't laugh at my own jokes 3. I like, scratch that, love music in general. 4. I'm a SHAWOL and ARMY ...I'll take the L if y'all can't stand my nonstop tears.
4a. I like many more than just these two 4b.I'm more biased towards girl groups 4c. I also like k-hip hop
5. I'm a girl group enthusiast 6. I write a little here and there so like hit me up and (if I can make a plot) I'll write a little something for you 7. I tend to switch between English and Spanish when I get excited. Bear with me (I'm a native English speaker but three years of intense classes made me this way) 8. This list is getting longer than I intended, I'll be stopping here...
That's all about me...I hope we can become friends
hi!! 😄
@christianliu hey hey nice to meet you too!
Hi! Nice to meet you!~♡^^
@jannatd93 lol hey 👋
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