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This is.... interesting?

The NFL released plans for some crazy new uniforms that they'll have the Jets and the Bills wear next week on Thursday Night Football.

It looks like it'll be Christmas come early in the NFL, as the game will be played on November 12th in some outrageous jerseys.

The Jets will be donning ALL green - I mean, ALL GREEN.

The Bills, meanwhile, will be in these ridiculous candy-cane all red jerseys.

Look, I've seen some bad jerseys in the NFL before.
Remember when the Broncos worse those crazy yellow and brown ones (that don't even resemble the Broncos' colors!)? The Eagles once worse some crazy baby blue ones, also pictured above. And who could forget the Packers' throwbacks? Those are actually kind of sweet, if you ask me.

Those were bad. But these are... next level, man.

This seems like a money grab for me - the NFL will try to get fans to buy the all green jerseys, and the Jets will probably never wear them again.

It's all about revenue, right? This is the NFL after all!

What do you make of the new jerseys? Will you tune in to Thursday Night Football to see what the crazy color schemes look like in real life?
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Agreed. Looks weird. Maybe peoole just need to get used to it like those short sleeved jersies in the NBA.
No. No nba sleeves. Period.
I'm not feeling these new jersey's, has anyone seen what the Steelers would look like? Is so plz post them!
I still think the steelers uniforms are crazy looking.. but yeah they mainly do it for the revenue sadly haha
this is stupid they are virtually one color let's say Eagles vs Jets both wear green how do they plan to deal with that? keep the uniforms the way they are