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het guys sorry i haven't posted anything recently. I have been quite busy. unrelated subject to ANY community this goes in, but imma just vent here for a minute. am I the ONLY ONE who hates when people find a way to make an excuse to complain about EVERYTHING?! or make an excuse to get what needs to be done finished???? because it is REALLY BUGGING ME. like, they bitch about not being able to do something and then make excuses why they can't do it? ALL OF THE DARN TIME. OH. MY. GOD. please please PLEASEEE tell me i am not the only one!!!! UGHHH
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exactly. people would rather bitch. I spend an hour and a half working out a day for my body and i also have a job, a 3 yr. old, a novel AND manga I am working on and I still am able to do all efficiently. I hate that shit. ppl making mad excuses
I hate that too. they think that it's a problem and they shouldn't do it and try to make others people do it for them. If they don't even bother to try then they shouldn't be saying anything point.
lazy people...
they were just like: yeah well I don't have time
well it's not that. for example, my abs started coming in, and this person was like "lucky" and I was like: yeah because I decided to stop complaining and do something about it
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