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Ever have one if those days where you wish you were in a different world? I'm having one of those days, and all I imagine is being a part of a different world. One where every day is always interesting and has adventure. If I could choose one anime world to love in, it'd be the world of Angel Beats. I would love to live in a world where death doesn't exactly apply. Video game wise it'd have to be One of the Final Fantasy Games, because who wouldn't want to be a perpetual badass? What I want to know is what world would you live in? Video game and Anime wise! Leave your comments below!
I'd definitely go to SAO and for a game I would probably go to skyrim
Thanks! My favorite character is Zer0 from the second game :3 @JLRoxas
Pandora from Borderlands!! My friend has played the game, so he could go with me and teach me the ways of a vault hunter 馃槒
I would really like to live in SAO. it looks so beautiful. and a game, I would choose Pokemon.
@matildajgarrett good choice!