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Ever have one if those days where you wish you were in a different world? I'm having one of those days, and all I imagine is being a part of a different world. One where every day is always interesting and has adventure. If I could choose one anime world to love in, it'd be the world of Angel Beats. I would love to live in a world where death doesn't exactly apply. Video game wise it'd have to be One of the Final Fantasy Games, because who wouldn't want to be a perpetual badass? What I want to know is what world would you live in? Video game and Anime wise! Leave your comments below!
Pandora from Borderlands!! My friend has played the game, so he could go with me and teach me the ways of a vault hunter 😏
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@matildajgarrett good choice!
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Thanks! My favorite character is Zer0 from the second game :3 @JLRoxas
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I'd definitely go to SAO and for a game I would probably go to skyrim
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I would really like to live in SAO. it looks so beautiful. and a game, I would choose Pokemon.
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