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Let's start with a laugh because laughter is good for you. So now for our next lesson:vowels dundundun. *Screaming* It's not that bad I promise, but it'll take some work.

Hangul (한글) pt3: Basic vowels

This is the only time you're allowed to be basic (unless you're into chemistry # burnnn) Vowels are split into three groups yin, yang, and neutral. "How does that work?" You ask, let's take a look.
If you are familiar with Yin and Yang then you know Yin is negative and Yang is positive, Neutral is well neutral. It's kinda off in its own world not hurting or helping anyone.
our Yang vowels are as follows: ㅏ (long a sound like ahhhhh) ㅗ (like the oa in boat) tip: remember, positive is always up and to the right or just sing the Peter pan song (~second star to the right~) Yang is always so positive always looking up things always seem to go right for them.
Break time! Drink or eat something walk from one side of the room to the other, do something and take a breather. When you're ready come back.
Yin is a little poot so they just gotta be negative. What a shame: ㅓ (like uhhh) ㅜ (like the oo in voodoo) remember: Yin was doing an experiment but it took an unexpected left and fell down.
And here we have our little neutral vowels. They were like me in school I wasn't bad at math but I wasn't exceptionally great either: ㅣ(like ee in peek ) ㅡ (like the French u) Remember: I did nothing but stand up straight and lie down all day...tragic. Or flipping a finger and turning it on its side does nothing to its meaning. or refer to the pictures above. (Hehe thanks to dopeisland for the meme)
annnd end of this lesson. Have a delicious day (get it cause suga ...sugar ...nvm)
@MsDragon oh really? I'm glad it is
Very helpful!
I learned a lot of letters on memrise but they never properly separated them into vowels and such. Thank you!