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[Regularly, the Korean Alphabet is organized in 한글, or hangul. But in this case, I'm going through them by the order on the keyboard. Also, if I make a mistake, don't be afraid to comment! Before you 'report' this card: don't worry--I know the alphabet series isn't K-Pop related but it'll soon be. I'm still going over the alphabet :)] ㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂㅂ. See that? It's like a bucket full of water. Or a bucket with Pepero sticks. It's weird: this letter has 2 sounds. It's either 'b' like the b in bee, or 'p' like the p in pig (not really). If you put them together like ㅃ (shift, then the 'Q' on the keyboard), it makes a stronger b/p. Examples! (Just spot the letter; you don't have to know the other ones.) - The pp in 'oppa'. Memorizing this one is easy; you don't say obba, but opp instead. This is pp. 어. (don't we all use this every day?) - 나 (na-bi). It means butterfly! - 두 (du-bu). Tofu. - 다 (ba-da). The sea! Remember: b/p is a Bucket full of Peperos. The first alphabet you learned was b/p/bb/pp :) It's on the 'Q' key of your keyboard~ Hang tight for the next alphabet!
You've got this, 친구 (chingu)!
I'm very happy to hear that :) I'll continue to post more about learning Korean! Hang tight! 😄@Emealia
This helps I've learned the whole alphabet but pronunciations are kicking my ass