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International Fan Pride

Am I the only person who feels overwhelming joy and pride when you hear KPOP in places you wouldn't expect, like not PSY, Wonder Girls or SNSD (I love all of them) but other oppas and unnies that are trying to break into the tiny bubble we consider "big artists" in the US. I heard Dirty Vibe (well CL unnie's part) at an event I went to and felt so much happiness. Am I the only one, does anybody else get this feeling?
Same! Back when Glee was still on, a couple of the actors went to a Big Bang concert in LA and I was like yessss more people in the fandom! They even got pictures with them 😭 They got so many cool points from me lol
I do too!! Like Chris Brown saying he couldn't stop listening to No Mercy by B.A.P and even followed Jong Up! Or Justin Bieber talks about how talented G dragon is! It's awesome!
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