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Chained Up Track list Released!

VIXX has released the details of their upcoming album Chained Up! Special thanks to @AgentLeo for reminding me about it XD Here it is!
I'm sooo happy that there are only 3 previously released songs, and really there's only 2 since Can't say has only been released in Japanese, not Korean! The two Korean titles are "부시시 (Bushishi)" and "지금 우린 (us, right now)". Bushishi is hard to translate but it means like disheveled, or slowly? A word used to describe things like how you might be when you sit up in bed in the morning and aren't quite awake yet. Or, you know, something else ;) lol!!!!

Which song do you think will be your favorite?!

I have this feeling mine will be Hot Enough lol!
Ravi on a roll with his songwriting though
I'M SO EXCITED. I CANNOT CONTAIN MY EXCITMENT RIGHT NOW!!! And can we take a moment to recognize how some of the titles of the songs seem so seductive? lol. xD
MISTRESS the the first word in my mind was "oooh kinky" god i have issues @byeolbit
@StephanieDuong Mistress is their intro XD
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