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what is love? what does it mean? does it help? is it okay? or is it a lie?
WHAT IS LOVE?? BABY DONT HURT ME, DONT HURT ME, NO MORE!!!!!! Sorry. I had to, but on a more serious note, I struggled for a long time trying to define love and really kind of just went with that warm fuzzy feeling inside, until I saw an episode of a show I don't remember and at the end of the show they quoted a guy I don't remember and it went a little something like this... " love is the ability of letting someone destroy you, but to trust them not to "... and that kind of stuck with me. I hoped this helped😊
Love is a chemical in your brain a lethal injection to drive you insane. It's nothing good it's only a lie to keep you happy until you die. ~A poem from Shinigami-San
I think love is the meaning of life:D