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Goddamit...another fandom pulling me in...

Got7 is pulling me into its fandom...I'm already split between BIGBANG, BTS and Block B...I don't need 7 more cute guys! But at least they have someone my age. Sup Youngjae 😉
you won't regret becoming an IGOT7
I know... I just got started with GOT7 too... bias: Jackson current standings of favorite male kpop groups: 1. bigbang 2. bts 3. exo 4. b2st that might change because... got7.
they're a fun bunch to follow!
@ChaErica ah the good old days before I had trouble remembering everyone's names because there were so many of them. The days before Daehyun and Jin was the love of my life.
I feel the exact same way! I'm starting to get into the fandom as well. But I love it haha
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