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Born in 1994 Kai makes me a Noona by 2 years!! His face is so gorgeous though how can anyone resist??!! He's so adorable and full of talent!! He's definitely one of the main reasons I fell for EXO.
I first fell for his radiant smile. He smiles with his eyes which is so ridiculously sexy!!! His whole face lights up and I swear it just puts me in a good mood. Beautiful happy Kai, please stay beautiful and happy.
I then discovered that he's a dance God!!!! Look at those moves!!! Holy swoon he's so perfect!!
He can also be serious and sexy. He kills me with these stares!!
He's been my first younger guy crush and will forever stay in my heart. He can call me Noona all day everyday!! He's still got some growing to do and I'll be there every step of the way. I can't even begin to imagine how much hotter he's going to get!!!