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Today is the best day ever Kpop has an African Americans members in a group called Rania. Her name is Alex She is really pretty and looks like a good person I am soooo happy 馃檪馃檪馃檪馃檪馃檪馃檪馃檪馃榾馃榾馃榾馃榾鉂わ笍馃榾馃帀馃帀馃帀馃帀
as a mixed person i find that a little offensive. but i respect your opinoin. I didn't mean to start anything or bring on tension. I apologize @ZitaMahoney
@hlsv I am not tryig to be mean I was just trying to point out that if she is the image of black people in Korea then it is a bit off point.
@kpopisnylife this is the last time I will comment. Obviously she will stand out but since black presence is rare in Korea then if everyone compares her to others then it will be off base from reality. I am not trying to be mean I am just saying I would rather have a more accurate depiction of black women in Korea than her.
her being mixed isn't going to stop her from standing out in korea. Whether she is full black or not she still looks nothing like most of the korean population. especially the kpop scene. @ZitaMahoney
Sorry for this understanding what you said I'm going to leave I only posted this because it made me happy not because she's the image of black people Korea
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