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It's day 5 of the Fairy Tail challenge! Today's prompt is: Favorite Episode
Here's the challenge card for anyone who wants to participate as well!
My favorite episode is #99 Natsu vs Gildarts! This is one of the first times we see Natsu fight one of the S class mages seriously. (Laxus being the first) It's also the first time we get a real demonstration of Gildarts strength. It may be a short fight but it's one of the best! The main reason why I love this episode is because it's the first time we actually see Natsu break. He's scared. We've never seen Natsu like that before and it's a real push in character development.
Tell me some of your favorite episodes in the comments below! Have a good day. Ja ne
Might be the most recent when Natsu's father appears to save him. That or when they fight the Twin Dragons
when you found out that I was a Dragon Slayer, or when I took out Juria or when I saved everyone from Hades, l top three episodes in my opinion! haha
@Thatperson512 then you saw what happened after the year of happy and him being gone right?
@randysqwishy23 I read the manga (x
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