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Yep. Not gonna lie. It's as painful as it looks.
Zephyr is a 20lb - 3ft long Asian Leopard/Domestic Cat Hybrid (known as a Bengal Cat).
He's a big ball of love.
But he's not a lap cat most of the time.
The last two days he's sought me out in my office in the morning where he's jumped into my lap and aggressively demanded some lovin'.
Cats, BTW, knead their paws/claws into your body parts because it is an instinctual "nesting" behavior born of their stimulating their mom's nipples for milk as kittens. Yeah. Think about that.
Zeph, however - is perfectly OK drawing blood from my legs. LOL. Not really. But MAN... that was a NEW experience with him. And it HURT like crazy!
His claws are about twice the size/thickness and 10x the sharpness of a regular domestic cat.
I really don't mind though. It's such a treat that he'd come looking for love. He's a very independent cat and he mostly does his own thing - which typically has to do with finding the highest spot in the house to nap.
That's over 8 feet up. I have no idea how he did this. But he does it regularly.
It's OK... he can do as he wishes. He's such a beautiful, fun, sweet, big and goofy kitty.
From choosing the weirdest ways to lounge on stuff to taking naps in the bathtub. He's something quite different. Prince once said, "I've got a lion in my pocket..." I guess that's sort of creepy. Not near as cool as saying, "I've got a leopard in my lap."
So beautiful!! A friend of mine fosters bengals through a "big cat" rescue out here. I love these cats. So beautiful and funny!!
They are certainly funny. He's got the oddest personality for a cat. And he's FULL of personality.
Aw, very gorgeous cat! I really love that last photo.
Aahh she's Soooo Cute I have a cat also his name is Bandit.
so pretty.... and yes cats have a mind of there own and will do what they