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This guy is downright the most cuddliest (don't know if that's a word but hey it's Xiumin I think he's an exception) member of EXO. He's adorkable and though he's quite he does the most sweetest things that make me want to hug him.
Oh and how can we forget his new Web drama and it's mv...
So...that's it guys . I'll be doing a card for each member the following days so stay tuned XD
Is that Korean drama, or just music video?
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@jungkookie1 It's a webdrama called Falling for Challenge. That's the OST.
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OH oh! So, is there more videos about Xiumin? ( webdrama)
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@jungkookie1 You can watch the webdrama in youtube or dramatv.
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OMG XUIMIN AS THE STOP LIGHT IS MY FAVORITE!!! He's so precious 馃馃馃馃
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