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Picture above: Diary, this is my older brother Max. He is 28 years old and works as a lawyer. He is a pretty dam good one. July 6, 2009 Dear Diary, Hello, its me again. I finally moved all of my things from my parents' house into my brother's house...well more like apartment on Gordon Street. I moved in with my brother because I couldn't take my parents drama no more. I felt unloved and unwanted in my family. So I need a new change of scenery, so I can breathe on my own. My brother is away at work at the moment and I have the entire house to myself. I am enjoying every minute of these. Diary, my brother's a slob! I don't know how he lives in this filth. Well, best make the most of time here alone by cleaning up this mess. See you later alligator.
Picture Above: Diary this is what the apartment looks like... 1: my bed 2: my work desk for school and my writing 3: my stylish bookshelf. I made it from scratch. 4: the kitchen 5: Mark's disgusting taste of bathroom ware 6: mail box. I also, made it from scratch. 7: the balcony 8: Max's bedroom, the master bedroom. 5:00 pm. Central Time Hello, again diary. I have finished cleaning this apartment. I have officially unpacked my bags and my boxes. Now, I shall chill and wind down on the balcony, while I write the rest of the day away or possible draw the rest of the day away. Later on in the evening, I heard the door open and hear my brother in awe. I walk back into the apartment that we now share to bask in his amazement. He looked at me then back at the apartment. He looked at the apartment and look back at me. He continued to do that for some length of time until I waved my hand at him repeatedly as if I snapped him back into reality. "You did this, " he asked as in he was in disbelief. "Yes I did. I figured I fix things considering you lived like a slob, " I teased him. " You did a great job." "Thanks, I remember what Paw Paw taught me before he died. 'Girl, you can do anything if you put your mind to it'," I said intimating his voice. You got that right. Max sat on the couch and sighed out of exhaustion. Just then the door bell ranged, I exchanged a look to my brother as if to say who else are you expecting today? He got up and walked to the door and enter the cutest dam guy I seen. He obviously knew my brother, for Max bro hugged him and welcomed him into the apartment.
Picture Above: Diary, this is Keith. The guy that was at the door earlier. Apparently, he is apart of my brothers firm. They walked back to the couch and some introductions were in order. My brother cleared his thoart, "Samantha, these is Keith. Keith, this is my baby sister Samantha. Keith and I work together." "Hi, its nice to met you, Keith," I stated. "Max, were have you been hiding her, " Keith said as he looked back at Max and then to me, "she's unbelievably cute. I can't believe she us related to someone like you." Laughing my ass off Max replied in a non serious manner, " What's that supposed to me?" "Just that your ugly and she's cute," replied Keith as he winked at me. Is he flirting with me? Or he just messing with my brother for shits and giggles...there's no telling I just met this guy. I looked at my brother and they were playfully hitting each other. So I guess it was just for laughs, while then two can play that game. "Well, I am going to my room and let you to love birds have the room for yourselves. ," I said winky at no one in particular, "Don't do anything that I wouldn't do." With that I left and went to my bedroom, I grabbed my diary and plopped on my bed to write once more. Diary, if I must confess today has been a great day to the start of something new. I can already tell I am going to have a good time here in Florida, although its a little different from Mississippi I could get use to it here. Oh and diary....Keith so cute! Hopefully my life here in Florida, I will be seeing more of him in the near future considering he works along side my brother. I wondering if he likes me. 'Who knows the answer to that,' I think to myself. Well, Diary, I had a long trip down here so I am going to sleep. Until we met again, Samantha Alexandria Mori โœŒ P.S. Diary, can you keep a secret? I think that I meant have developed a slight crush in Keith. Oh, well now that's of my chest. I will be going to bed now. Night, Diary. I a bid you sweet dreams. With that I closed my Diary and placed it between my mattress for safe keeping.
ยฉ copyrighted by: Sarah Elizabeth McKay November 6, 2015 4:21 pm entry This story is entirely made up. Nothing in this story is real. If you like it and want more, please feel free to like it and clip it, to share with others. Also, if you want more updates on more stories like this then please follow the collection so I could either tag you in upcoming cards in the future. โœŒ Don't forget to tell me your thoughts on this entry.
lol I will @nicolejb I will tag you on updates, doll faces โœŒ
Ahhh I love this story. Especially since I have an older brother and growing up I used to have GIANT crushes on all my brotherโ€™s friends. He would totally get mad at them for saying anything about me though. Are you going to keep this story going? I want to hear what happens with Keith :D
well written. I like the spelling and grammatical errors as if it were actually written by hand. it made it more realistic and enjoyable to read.
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