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She has a big heart and puts her friends safety over her own. The first time she killed someone was when her bff's ex came and threatened to kill Scheele's bff. So Scheele grabbed a knife and killed him, after Scheele never saw her friend again. She than became an assassin for night raid.
This is the girl who stopped Scheele and Mine on their way back to the fortress, but to make things worse she is in the imperial army and has an organic imperial arms (that looks like an adorible puppy). Although Scheele cut off her arms and going to kill her, Scheele stopped to save Mine from the organic imperial arms. Turns out the girl had a gun that she could fire out of her mouth and she shot Scheele in the back, but it didn't kill her.
The organic imperial arms than used its trump card and bit Scheele in half.
Scheele using the last little bit of her strength used her imperial weapons trump card so Mine Could escape. She died and it genuinely cried I was also very angry at the girl who killed her.
If you any questions about Scheele or Akame Ga Kill feel free to comment.
#Thatperson512 I know, I was like, wow now your just being fucked up. And her face, she looked worse than a demon
I hate you.
I searched it up
The girl tht killed sheele is the most hated anime character of the year like no jokeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I hate how Sheele and Chelsea died 😭😭😭
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