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So, it's been awhile, since my last real, proper cocktail update. It's true, winter is coming and everything, but I still have some photos left and ready to be posted for a real cocktail treat. So today, I am introducing you to my favourite "blue" cocktail. Tho, it is kind of green haha. So yeah, Blue Heaven. It Looks amazing AND it tates amazing as well. So, here is how to make it. Take your favourite tropical cocktail glass and pour in a shot of blue curacao. Than, put in a lot of crushed ice (if possible). Than pour in a shot of white rum and half a shot of amaretto (almond liquor). And than top it with equal parts of orange and pineapple juice. The color is amazing. It tastes amazing. It is a sweet cocktail, so if you like your drink sweet and colorful, this is totally a drink for you. And I know, a lot of "blue" drinks actually taste bad, but this "blue/green" drink is actually a badass. So if you have the ingredients gooooo fooor it. If you don't, try to order one in your favourite cocktail bar, I'm sure they are serving it. :) I know @marshalledgar and @allischaaff will like this. But I hope you all like it, so please tell me what you think of it. Have you maybe had it? How was it? Do you think you should try it? I think you should!
@marshalledgar I haven't heard from her as well, but I am sure she's just being bussy, and she gonna come around soon :)
haha? I win! But this one is even better. haha :) When it comes to blue, people become confused haha. @marshalledgar
and you're right
yeah!!! I was convinced that I had to look it up
a lot of blues, I know :) haha @marshalledgar
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