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Appreciating my life, not worrying about no strife. I'm happy because the grass is green on the other end of my pipe. Mind thinking colorful stripes, eyes seeing wonderful lights. Two of them for looking one hidden for deciphering; the behavior of the trifling. I see their inner-most thoughts, by way of body language. Over analytical mind subject my psyche to much anguish. You'd never know by how my body speaks, I've mastered this universal speech.
Words from the mouth can be so limiting and vague/things I think or feel, words they never could convey. That's why I remain quiet most of the time, quite often I am told I've lost my mind; though I've simply placed it over matter. The things I thought I knew don't really matter. The fact of this matter is my egos consistently shattered by the P. Cubensis grown on nature's wooden platters. Fear always leads to anger get mad as a hatter, know how to tone down the mind's constant chatter? Relax, breath consciously play your part in this drama called life. Taken too seriously, no end to the misery will be in sight.