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Happy Friday everyone! First off, pray for me because I'm performing some of my fave kpop choreo tonight at my school's talent show 😳🙆🏾 I only hope to do these groups justice and bring joy to people just as these songs and groups have brought to me! Anyways, today is Day 6 *sings* CONGRATULATIONS🎤 and I am sharing my lovely lady biases 👯👯👯👯👯
Hyorin from Sistar! She has an amazing voice and she can rap too (UNPRETTY Rapstar, check it out) The one and only Sandara Park, y'all. I love her so much. She's so sweet (seemingly😅) I wish I could tell you I knew from experience lol Miss A's Min is super cool but I think you have to be to be friends with Key 😂 I like her dancing and modeled my cover of Breathe after her. Ayyyy SHAKE THAT BRASS nanana nanana naaaaaa🎺🎺 My girl Amber! I literally did not understand the full effects (f(x) 😂) of having a girl crush until I saw Amber and heard her sing. Not rap, sing. The girl can saaaang. I really like Wendy from Red Velvet as well. 🍦🎂👈🏾did you catch the reference? The two soloists (who debuted as soloists and aren't exactly associated with a group) that I have on my list are Ailee and Lee Hi. These two have really soulful voices and I always end up bobbing my head or crying or body rolling when I hear one of their songs. And here is an ode to one of my biases, the one that got away...
Sweet sweet Jessica, how Sones love thee. One of the first people to actually get me into kpop. You will not be forgotten in the kpop/snsd world and I have full faith that you will be successful in whatever endeavors you choose. SM is a poophead and we all know this BUT it's okay because Krystal will carry on the family's name at SM though. Love you girl 😭😭 Seriously just teared up and it's already been a year! That's it for this post. Noona November will be up soon. Hopefully I don't fall out on stage before that happens 😂 I'm so nervoussss🙈
Thank you! My mom is supposed to record it so I'll see if I can post it!@thePinkPrincess
Good luck!!! UGHHH!!! I wish I could see
Good Luck!! and yes post it..