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https://cloudusa.wordpress.com/2015/09/24/trailerimagesinfo-the-squall-rains-upcoming-asia-tour-2015-2016-also-what-he-said-at-the-press-con/ That link explains it all in more detail. Rain's second world tour will officially begin this weekend. There will be a Chinese schedule and a US schedule. The Chinese schedule is already set and will begin this weekend. As for the US schedule it hasn't been set yet. I would love if he came somewhere close to South Carolina...preferably in May of next year when I'm done with school haha wishful thinking.
I can't wait for the fan videos from this concert. it'll be so EPIC!!!!
I have only 4 ultimate biases and Jung Jihoon is at the top of that list as the godfather of all biases. Like this isn't even a joke. Oppa I wish you the best in your tour FIGHTING!!
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I wish he comes to Texas
@CreeTheOtaku isn't it funny though that whenever there's a Kpop concert or tour they only ever come to the Cali or new York...like what about the other states
@jannah341 well I knew vixx came to Dallas but I missed that and Benzino is also going there but I can't go because of the club has an age limit....but yeah I wish other kpop groups could visit different states in the us
@CreeTheOtaku I wish he would come to Texas also馃槅