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Lets be real, life is an accumulation of minute choices that shape the way your entire self is formed. Each decision can fall under the category of right or wrong, easy or hard, or easy or right.
But the only real way to grow is to do something that terrifies you.
Which is exactly what I am doing tomorrow.
Thats right, I am not just pulling this statement out of my ass and demanding you try everything you are terrified at failing at while I sit back on my couch and watch.
Tomorrow at exactly noon I will be participating in the Tough Mudder; a 10 mile, 25 military obstacle course that I already know is going to leave me bed ridden all Sunday.
I have never run 10 miles in my life, I have never done a pull up, and I have certainly never army crawled though tunnels into muddy muddles (mostly due to my fear of enclosed spaces).
And yet here I am, on the eve of the race, and I am freaking out!! It will be the most athletic feat I have done EVER, which says a lot because I played Rugby for 4 years.
But what I will get out of finishing this race is so much more then the aches and pains that I know I will have.
I will know without a doubt that I can put anything I set my mind too.
I will conquer my fears of entrapment and small spaces (if only for a few minutes).
And I realize that when I finish, I will have successfully silenced that voice in my head that will be jabbering the entire time telling me I wont be able to do it. And when I prove her wrong, she wont have any power over me anymore.
So wish me luck Vinglers and tell me;

What are you gonna do?

Good luck in your life .. .. there is wisdom says (will not see the challenges in your life as long as you did not go out of your house) .... I joined the separation to teach German .... and I still look for something new I'm doing
first of all - bravo! I know you wil feel so good afterwords. And also, your card reminded me of something I always wished to do, and it made me think I should actually do it. Idk, maybe I will? :)