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People have numerous online sites to help them make the perfect match for a relationship, so why not have one in place for pets?
In today’s increasingly pet-friendly world, people are doing their best to find the right pet for their families — putting in research and using technology to aid the process.Enter PawsLikeMe, the of your pet search.
The site is founded by Elizabeth Holmes and Marianna Benko and works by recognizing that “dogs and other animals are individuals just like people,” says Elizabeth, and that “the individual personalities of humans and canines are the biggest influence in establishing successful long-lasting relationships.”
So, how does it work you ask? Once you’re on the site, take a five minute Pet Compatibility Quiz, answering questions like, “Which describes you best? Rule oriented or tolerant?” and, “My friends would describe me as someone who exercises often. Agree or disagree?”
The answers to your questions create a “pet matching score” for you by combining four core personality quadrants for canines and humans: energy, confidence, focus, and independence. Do yourself a favor and check the site out before you adopt your next pet, you won't regret it.
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I never thought about it this way. But it makes sense. I like to pick dogs at the shelter that have a similar personality to myself. We just get along better ;)