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Can anyone give me a reason to watch Tokyo Ghoul?
I have several of my real life friends telling me to watch this anime, however I have the basics of the show down and it really didn't fit my likings. Could anyone give me a descriptive reason to watch it?
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I'm not really a dark/ghoul anime /horror/really bloody anime fan but to my surprise Tokyo ghoul is not that dark!tokyo ghoul is such a sweet and amazing anime! It shows the struggle that the main character kaneki goes through and the other ghouls it's a extremely well detailed anime and has such a sweet/bitter story! You should really check it out you won't be disappointed!! Right now there's currently 2 season (3rd coming in 2016) both seasons dubbed and subbed!
@tayhar18920 Hmmm... I actually didn't know about the second season! XDDDD. The limit of episodes is what really got me, so that actually encourages me to watch it. Thank you!