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Six year old Dash is one of the most clever kids I have come across in quite some time.
Last week, Dash had a math test in school. Rather than stick to the script and use the math tools his teacher has been instilling in the students, Dash used great critical thinking skills to come up with an original answer.
The question: Six-year-old Dash correctly answered on his worksheet that “Bobby,” who has four dimes, has more money than “Amy,” who has 30 pennies. But when he jotted down his response to the next question, “How do you know? Show your thinking,” the brainy boy didn’t use numbers.
Rather than use math to answer the question from his teacher, the clever student sketched a picture of himself scratching his head, with a thought bubble and the answer inside of it.
“This is why my kid is going places,” the boy’s mom captioned a photo of the assignment, which she shared on Reddit. Dash’s teacher appreciated the response the moment that she saw it. “She thinks he is a very smart boy and loves having him in class,” says Fiona. “He received a 100 percent on the test and the word ‘Wow’ written at the top.
A perfect score well earned by the clever young student. I hope more young people are encouraged and willing to think outside the box to find answers to everyday problems.
YESSSS! Screw the system! This kid's going to go big!
This is great XDDD
hahahahahahaha Bobby scratching his head. that's pretty dang adorable.