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Love is amazing, its terrifying, its difficult, and its totally a way to fix all your problems!!
...wait a minute.
Love is a lot of things, however through movies, romance novels, and the reality TV we shove into our brains, we seem to be romanticizing a lot of toxic notions about love that we shouldn't.
And we need to stop it right now!

1. Love will fix all your problems.

Yes, you may be in love, but waiting for all your problems to just disappear because you have experienced true loves kiss is living in a fairy tale. You will still look in the mirror and wonder if you like your body or not, you will still have bills to pay and a job you more than likely wish you didn't have, and you will still have the exact same stresses. Only now you will have someone to complain too.
Love doesn't fix anything, it just makes the bad parts of life more bearable.

2. All you need is Love (thank The Beatles for this one).

I guess the 2 hour time limit most movies have seem to make love look easy. That distance, cultural differences and moral views, don't actually play a part in the relationship because "love will make everything okay."
Well, hate to have to tell you this but thats bullshit. Love takes a lot of effort and a lot of give and take and just because you love someone doesn't mean you guys will work out, especially if you differ on social and moral issues. There is only so much you should have to give up for love and your moral compass isn't one of those things.

3. Your soul mate will know exactly how to ... err... love you.

This one is so important!! Yeah you might love someone, they could be The One, but that doesn't mean they will know exactly how to "get you there" your first time. They aren't mind readers and neither are you. Communication and practice is how mind-blowing ..... bed time.... happens. And you could be missing out on someone really perfect for you if you think any differently.
All you need is love! Now that's definitely something people should not expect when they fall in love!
This is so wise @LizArnone! I can't believe I didn't see it until now!!! You rock, lady. It has always been my view that people need to be able to stand on their own 2 feet before they fall in love. Love won't fix you, complete you, or make your insecurities vanish overnight. In fact, being in a relationship tends to actively bring problems to the surface. And now there's 2 peoples' worth of problems to solve, rather than just one! Amen to love being hard work, and amen to it making the bad parts of life more bearable – but not making them disappear.
I love this.
while heartily love this card. I swear I was just thinking about making a card called what I learned about love in my 29 years of life and all these points will be on it. @AlloBaber your points where some other ones I was going to put on it. hmm I love both of your cards and mines. a I just want to add love is never simple it is always hard and always evolving just like ourselves with each new day
@AlloBaber ughhhh you always know just want to say!!!!! You are the love bug expert !!!!!