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let talk about Jay's new album. World wide is absolutely amazing! I have already bought it all on iTunes and I will be buy the Album soon too! Jay did such an amazing job with the album and all the collaboration on this are great! I get hyped by listing to this! Now there are songs on here that are under fire in South Korea, you know is banned from anyone under 19.
On Thursday, Jay Park released his 18-track album "₩orld₩ide," an album filled with featured artists including Tablo, Simon D, Paloalto, Giriboy, Dok2, Gray, and more. But it's the content of his new music video for "You Know" and the song "F*ck Boy" that are receiving so much notice in South Korea.
The music video for the single "You Know," featuring 4Minute's HyunA, was deemed inappropriate by South Korean monitors and received a 19+ parental advisory rating. With the rating, South Korean television networks have effectively banned "You Know" due to sexual imagery. HyunA and Jay Park trained together under JYP Entertainment before each left the agency, HyunA after leaving Wonder Girls and Jay Park after leaving 2PM.
Park's departure from 2PM is also a subject addressed on the latest album, with the track "F*ck Boy" raising eyebrows due to its title and subject matter. The lyrics of the song reportedly target Park Jin Young, the CEO of JYP Entertainment, with lines like "I have been enjoying my freedom for five years" and referring to a "past teacher." A rep from Jay Park's label AOMG explained that the meaning of the lyrics were known to Jay Park himself and provided no clarification regarding the subject matter of "F*ck Boy." Jay Park debuted as a member of 2PM in 2008 and left the group in 2009 following a scandal relating to reportedly anti-Korean comments written by Park when he was a trainee. He made a return to the scene as a solo artist in 2010. "₩orld₩ide" was released on Nov. 5, and appeared in the number one spot on music charts around the world So what are yalls thought on this? What do you think about his new album? And what do you think about the song that are under question??