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I was looking around on Youtube recently and i found this video about sleep paralysis. It is a medical term but this girl strongly believes that it is a spiritual attack. Check out this video to hear her personal experience and testimony. It is both horrifying and wonderful because it has a good ending. In my next card, i will tell about my own experience with sleep paralysis as well as some other strange and paranormal things that were happening to me during the same time period. You may or may not be a believer in God, but i wouldn't want to experience something like this without faith in some one greater than myself. @TessStevens @InPlainSight @danidee @alywoah @nicolejb @MoisEsGaray @allischaaff @ButterflyBlu @shannonl5 @PurpleChick
As a narcoleptic, I deal with sleep paralysis every time I sleep or have a narcolepsy attack. They started at birth. Originally, my parents thought I was having some sort of seizure because I'd be sleeping normally and go rigid and still, or I'd be awake and suddenly close my eyes and fall over. Doctors tested, obviously and realized it was narcolepsy. I had to be retested when we were transferred to Alabama from Texas. (Dad was Army. Insurances were a pain in the butt.) I was 8 and it was reconfirmed. I had to be RETESTED at 19 when I got married. (Again. Insurance.) I was tested yet again later. I'm definitely narcoleptic. Lol. Point is, every narcoleptic I know has experienced sleep paralysis and night terrors. They're both scary as hell. I'm already worried about my son having narcolepsy, too, because he deals with all of these things, too. (There are other signs, too.) All of that being said, I've also experienced some things that I know were demonic, without a doubt. I do believe there is a difference. My sleep paralysis is predictable. To the point that, before he died, my husband would know when it would start as I fell asleep and when he had to wake me. He'd even hold me during both when he could because he knew it was scary for me. (Both the paralysis and terrors can cause me to have a panic attack.) However, the demonic attacks would happen even when I was awake. It's just a thought... I'm Not saying that she or you or anyone else is NOT under spiritual attack. I do Know, however, exactly how sleep paralysis happens. I have a great neurologist who showed me my brain waves and such after my last set of sleep tests. I can explain if you'd like. :)
It's pretty terrifying.
@InPlainSight thank you? I'm not sure what that means. Lol I was simply sharing my experience.
I used to have this happen to me every night. I was terrified to go to sleep because as soon as I was almost asleep it happens. Right now it still happens but not as frequent as before. Meditation helps me a lot.
Woah this is terrifying.
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