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Death was supposed to be something fearful, something that you never wanted to see again, not something beautiful that just makes you want to stare at it. Death was supposed to be like that one sob where everything hurts, when you're sick and can't even move because how much it hurts, it's not supposed to be a perfect human- "You think I'm perfect?" Jimin interrupted me with a smirk as he took his eyes off the road. "Yah! Look forward you idiot! I don't want to die! And don't interrupt me." I yelled at him then focusing my attention to the small camera I have in my hand. "As I was saying, Death is something to be feared. Tell my mother that I love her, and tell my 5 nonexistent cats as well as Jimins nonexistent Ja-" "Yah! Y/N, You're overreacting. We're not going to die." I looked behind and saw two- three cop cars behind us. I looked forward and started freaking out. "Oh God. Oh God. Jimin. We're going to die. We're going to die." "Can you stop saying that? You're getting me unfocused and we're going to crash-" "JIMIN WATCH OUT!" I shrieked as I saw a cat almost walk in front of the wheel. He stepped on the 'stop petal' (I forgot what it's called) and looked at me dead in the eyes. "Stop screaming and let me drive." He looked forward again and the car started going faster and faster. I stayed quiet while I "enjoyed" running away from the cops. "Geez you just had to go graffiti that place up didn't you?" I mumbled. He chuckled and grabbed my hand gently and intertwined our fingers together, sending sparks up my arm. "I'm sorry baby, I'll make it up to you okay? I promise." "Okay" I sigh. I looked back and saw that we were losing the cop cars. "Jimin." "Yeah?" "We're losi- no, We lost them." I said still looking back. The cars, now lost in sight. "We didn't die.. I was so prepared." I said. I took out my camera and turned the video on. "We didn't die, everything malfunctioned. Death, is still not here for me. I have been given the chance of more life along with this lunatic next to me." "Yah!" I giggled and turned the camera off. "Where are we going now?" I asked. "To Neverland." I looked at him and started jumping up and down, every time he says Neverland, it means a surprise and his surprises are the best! "Jagiya! Calm down! You look like a twelve year old!" "I don't care, I'm happy right now.~" "This is why I love you." I grinned at him at that. ~~~ I squealed as we got to our destination. A park. Its not just any park though, it's basically like a forest, it has a zoo, playground, lake, camping sites, and my favorite- a waterfall. Jimin parked the car on the parking lot, "Wait here." He said as he got out. He walked to the other side of the car and opened my door. Extending his hand out, I took it without hesitation and intertwined our fingers together. The park is divided into sections, the section we're currently in is the zoo. "We're only be going to three sections of the park today okay?" "Okay! Let's go!" I yelled dragging him to the first section while he just chuckled at my eagerness. The section consisted of birds, There were so many different ones and many different colors it was amazing. My favorite one would be the peacock, it's blue feathers so elegant and it's stance makes it better. We moved onto the aquatic section of the zoo. This consisted of Ducks, Crocodiles, and Fish as well as snakes. "Crocodiles!!" I shrieked as I ran near their half of the lake. "Yah! Calm down! They can eat you so be careful!" Jimin said. I took my tongue out and grinned at him. I took pictures with the crocodiles alone because Jimin was scared, he however took a picture with me and the snake. I as well took pictures of him running from ducks. As well as a video, I mean who wouldn't want to film their boyfriend screaming like a little girl running away from a duck? I certainly would. After minutes of watching Jimin I finally ran to him. I grabbed his hand and ran away with him onto the sunset. No I'm kidding we ran to the next portion of the zoo- the land animals. This is probably my favorite section, it consists of White tailed dear, Buffalos, and Gorillas. We went with the White Tailed Deer first. We were allowed to touch the Deers, but only if the Deers came to us. If we tried to force them then they'd take it as a threat and might attack (the males). A Deer came to me and stared into my eyes. I smiled and tried reaching for it, I stopped moving my hand a bit but the deer didn't make any attempt to move so I continued. I touched her nose and it felt slobbery but soft, I moved my hand to the side of her face and started caressing it. I knelt down and brought my other hand up to her face, the whole time her face looked happy and occasionally she would like my hands. She knelt down and rested her head on my thigh as I caressed her head with my left hand and her back with my right hand. I looked up at Jimin, and he had a warm smile, his eyes sparkling as they stared into mine. I patted the space next to me gesturing for him to sit but he sat in front of me next to the Deer. With one hand he put it under the Deers' chin and the other on top of my hand on it's back. I smiled. No words are needed right now, everything is beautiful and the way he looks at me, is beyond beautiful. ~~~ After about 30 more minutes we went back to the car and headed towards the waterfall. We decided to skip the playground part since we were running out of time. I ran in front of the waterfall and watched it with wide eyes. The pieces of land were separated by a river down low. The water looked a crystal clear and if you looked closely away from the waterfall and all the foam you could see the rocks. It made noise but I don't care, it's beautiful and I'm happy. On the other side I saw a bear and two cubs. The mother was on the edge trying to catch the fish that came out, while the cubs just watched. After a while they decided to try it as well. As I was looking at them I felt strong arms wrap around my stomach. I smiled and leaned back into his chest, burying my face into his neck and inhaling his scent. "You smell like pineapples and Cologne. How is this possible?" I asked. He chuckled and I felt it, it was magical. "You're a girl that can make my heart beat as fast as if I ran for miles. How is this possible?" He asked as he looked at me, well tried to look at me. My face is still buried in his neck. "You're being extremely cheesy, but you're making my heart race." I said. "Then I'm doing a job well done. Wait till we get home then the real surprise is there." I moved my head and he winked at me.. "Yah! You pervert!" I yelled,my cheeks burning. "You're the one thinking wrong!" He countered. "Because you're making it sound wrong!" "Aish, get over here." He pulled me, closer to his body and wrapped his arms around me. "I'm not going to do anything without your consent. Okay?" He said. I smiled widely at this. "Okay!" He pulled away and looked deeply into my eyes. "I have to tell you something." He suddenly said. "What is it?" I asked. "Look over there." He pointed to the direction above the waterfall in the sky.
I looked at the sky and saw this. Tears threatneded to come out. I turned around and tackled Jimin to the ground and I kissed him. He pulled away slightly, just enough that our lips weren't touching, but our foreheads were still touching. "I'm taking that as a yes." He laughed. "Of course. I almost died today, but today I realized that I'd rather almost die by your side then live without you." I smiled. He kissed me again and it felt like magic. Who knew Jamless Jimin would be my fiancé and soon to be Husband.
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he smooth. but still no jams (OK I just died for like 5 minutes on how my phone changed jams to hams)
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does he even like Ham? xD @MichelleIbarra
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