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Puff Daddy appeared on Hot 97 to discuss his new album "MMM," but it's the Bad Boy founder’s comments on President Barack Obama that are making waves today.
While Diddy says he’s been largely pleased with the Administration, he wishes Obama would not only aim more programs at largely Black neighborhoods, but to be more explicit about it.
“We need some repayment on the deal, playboy,” he says. “The Black community got President Obama into office, and there should be some nice parting gifts to give our youth, our future a better chance. Unapologetically, live on TV: ‘This is what we’re doing, this is the right thing to do.’ We need some education, we need some jobs.”
In 2004, Diddy mounted the Vote Or Die movement, aimed at increasing voter turnout among younger demographics. He also played a large role in get-out-the-vote movements in 2008, when Obama defeated John McCain.
While it is hard for anyone to question Obama right now (the economy is light years ahead of what it was when Bush was in office) Puff may be one of the only people who's opinion holds weight.

Do you think Obama is doing enough for the African-American community?

I mean considering all the shit the African Americans had to endure in this country....yes. More could be done for the community.
That being said, I also feel like Obama did a pretty good job in catering to the needs of the minorities!
its pathetic to me that the president needs to "hand out goody bags"... the entitlement in this country is a disgrace. horrible. I can't believe the way people expect the government to give them everything on a silver platter. I find it disgusting that people would listen to this junkie and actually expect these handouts.... the worst part is, Obama IS catering. he's like the fucking all you can eat buffet of money handouts. handouts of money we can't afford. 19 trillion dollars in debt is almost three times what bush left us with... so please don't tell me he's helped the country in any way.
@mchlyang I have never lived in a time where a black man was enslaved. if that particular black man or woman was enslaved in their lifetime and needed support then fuck yes, I would help. personally. but if its just some hood rat, I'm going to ignore them. they don't know what enslavement is. they don't know what oppression is. they live in the land of the free. they are protected by the brave men and women who protect us all. the fact that they expect me to hand them money out of my paycheck on top of all that is rediculous.
@kingofhearts every human being has natural rights. just because you hold hate towards a group of people or a person doesn't mean you get to take there humanity away. the police of today's society are literally killing off people who cant defend themselves due to their sickness.