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So I was casually youtubing when I saw some new videos and what do I see a new video by luhan I was not ready but now this song is my new jam. Now this might not technically be kpop but we know him from a kpop group don't we . From finding this video it led me to spamming youtube for his videos and stuff. Here's a luhan spam
So here's the first video promises that came out yesterday if you hadn't seen it.
Here's that good good which I saw awhile ago but here's for those who might've not seen it
Medals kinda shows the plot of the movie he is in called "the witness" which I'm now gonna watch. This gave me some chills tbh
Your song is legit the cutest yet most chill video and song I've ever heard and seen :3
Here are all the trailers for the movie "the witness" I really don't think I'm prepared to watch this XD.
So the point of this card was just to show how busy luhan has been but he looks happy so I'm happy
Dudeeeeee I really wanna see it @cthulu
I really wanna watch it and you saw like in the movie orrrrrr ???? @cthulu
I went to watch The Witness and it gave me so much goosebumps like oh lord. BUT THE MOVIE WAS SO GOOOD
It's gonna be online by like maybe near end of this month? I think. If I do see one then I'm posting it
@Ilikepancakes Yeah I went to watch it with my 2 friends. dude it was so epic!!!!