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1. Sassy, Go Go. I really recommend this drama! Everyone is so handsome and beautiful! And plus the actors are very attractive. If you like VIXX and Apink, then you'll also love this drama! N from VIXX and Eun Ji from Apink, both play main roles, not as lover but as best friends. This drama is still on air!
2. Who Are You. I also really recommend this drama. It is so intense and like before, the actors are also very very attractive. And to all you Sungjae fans, he plays a main role in here. You'll definitely love him. The other main role is Nam Joo Hyuk, he is an actor under YG Entertainment. This drama is complete!
3. High School - Love On. Yes, this drama is also really recommended. I don't like to go much into detailing because if you watch the drama you'll definitely love it! The actors in here are from INFINITE, Sungyeol and Woohyun. They both play main actors and one thing is they like the same girl, Kim Sae Ron. This drama is also complete!
All these Kdramas are high school related and have idols in them! If you have already watched at least one or even all three, tell what you think about them! Because I loved them all! 馃榿鉂わ笍
watched it all loved it all鈾y fave is high school love on I've always been impressed by Kim sae ron's acting, it's a sweet drama, infinite oppas fighting! who are you was awesome too, I love it when the lead has backbone and would sometimes act the mean one, love u sungjae. cheer up, awesome, how can the male lead be so cute.
OMG I love Cheer Up! I never thought I can relate to a high school dramas so much until I watched this one. It's so amazing! The reason why I started watching this was because I'm a big fan of Eunji eonnie 馃槏馃槏 But the plot was just wow. It gave me too many feels 馃槶
High school dramas are amazing! School 2013 is a bit more of a mature HS drama, and also if you like fluff then To The Beautiful You is good. Love your list!
I've watched Cheer Up! and Who Are You. For High School dramas, I'd also recommend Orange Marmalade and Dream High.
Muy buenos doramas..................