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These last few days have been EPIC to say the least. I have never been this excited. B.A.P was the first group that I really got into (even though I think I started following them and listening to kpop after they debuted). Its great to see all of the boys again. Albeit they're baaically MEN now. Everyone is so GROWN now I can't take it. I mean look at Zelo, Himchan and Daehyun they are so GROWN in the face it's ridiculous. Thank you puberty...thank you I'm really excited for this new chapter I'm B.A.P's legacy. Matrix will truly be something amazing. And on top of it Yongguk helped to produce this album and if it's anything like First Sensibility then I know I'm in for a treat. They truly are Best Absolute Perfect B.A.P Fighting!!! Of the last two years of indulging in Kpop I have never been this involved nor have a fangirled this hard. I thank B.A.P and this community for sparking my interest and ultimately my love for all things Kpop and the Korean culture. I have learned so much from Kpop to kdramas to the actual culture. I hope to one day visit Korea so yes I can experience the music culture but ultimately experience all of Korea and what it has to offer.
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