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So my girl, dongsaeng, buddy, friend Suga aka @kmeier230 is not having a great day. I want to do something to cheer her up and let her know we are here for her if she needs us!!!! Here is your task. Make a card of something inspirational and caring. Think kind words for a relationship that has ended in heartbreak. Sad to say this is what she is experiencing. I want to bring a smiles to one of my best k-pop buddy's face so please help me. As soon as the card is ready, TAG HER!!! Let her know we are here for her and be creative. One of her ultimate biases is Suga and Jungkook!!!! Thanks guys in advance. Let's help one of our own know how beautiful and special she is!!!!! THANKS!!!!
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@jgallegos222 I'm sorry hun. I'll be sure to add you to the list. I promise.
sorry for being late, i'll get right on it!
@glo86 you are the most amazing person for doing this! You should win bff award for being a great friend! I will tag her in a card asap! 馃槉
@annabelleimiri 馃樁馃樁馃樁 no.....I'm not that great......honestly I was just trying to put a smile to her face. She has always been there for me. Now it was my turn.
I will try tomorrow not a good day for us either.. smiles are hard to find