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I have yet to check out BEAST, since my first kpop band was SHINee will I enjoy BEAST as well???
You're Beautiful, Boys Over Flowers, Flower Boy Ramen Shop(which was my first Drama), Playful Kiss , To The Beautiful You, Mary Stayed Out All Night, The Heirs, Witch Yoo-hee(The Drama I am currently on), A Gentleman's Dignity, Full House, Coffee Prince, Coffee House, My Girlfriend is a Nine Tailed Fox, Rooftop Prince, Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang, Flower Boy Next Door, Going, Lie to Me, and Antique Bakery... For K-Dramas...
@MadAndrea Omg... Do I??? Holds on...
@MadAndrea Thank you Andrea!!!
I quick scrolled through your stuff to see if you knew of them, but some other good groups to try are BTS which is more rap(Rap Monster's got good solo stuff but it's a little more intense), B.A.P has a bit of all around stuff, and BigBang is pretty pop mostly.
They are good! And Jang Hyunseung just released some solo stuff that is killer! I have no idea what Shinee's music is like so I can't say whether they are like them or not though.
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