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Imagine waking up at night or just about to fall asleep and suddenly realizing that you cannot move or speak. You move your lips and no sound comes out. you try to move but you can't. This could last for seconds, minutes or even hours at a time. It is not a dream. It is really happening. This terrifying experience is a reality for some people. Doctors believe that it is a medical condition. Some say that it can be explained scientificlly, but many people who experience sleep paralysis also report feeling an evil presence, hearing something that they cant see or even seeing a demon during sleep paralysis. They have also reported feeling like something was sitting on their chest or even choking them. For those who have this experience, it requires more faith to believe that it is scientific than to belîeve that it is demonic.
I have had my own experience with sleep paralysis as well as some other strange and paranormal things that were happening to me during that same time period. The things that were happening to me at that time had me scared enough that i memorized every word of psalm 91 so well that i could say it in my sleep. And every time i was scared, weather asleep or awake, i would say it and nothing could touch me. When i was sleeping, it kept me safe from whatever was chasing me until i woke up. But now, i want to talk about the things happening while i was awake. Sleep Paralysis This happened to me only two times that I recall. The first time, I remember waking up and just getting the very weird and sudden feeling that something was wrong. I had no idea what it was but some how I impulsively just thought to myself, "get up." That's when i realized that i couldn't move. Then my next thought was to call out to God. To me God is Father. So i opened my mouth and tried to make the word "Father" come out but there was no sound. So i kept trying. About the third or fourth try, finally, the word, "Father" came out of my mouth and it was over. Many other people have had much more terrifying experiences than that. I'm very thankful that God listens to me and he knows that I'm calling to him even if i can't speak. He was always in control of that situation. An Evil Precence Whenever i was alone in my room, I would feel with certainty that something bad was there. I can't actually explain it but it was just a really bad feeling but not just a feeling. There is a distinct difference between just feeling your own emotions and sensing the presense of something just evil. You know the difference when you have the experience yourself. It is very intrusive and unwanted. You just want it to go away. I played Christian worship music and and sang along until i didnt feel it anymore. The Chest Pain and Trouble Breathing Every time i laid down, even if it was the middle of the day, i felt pressuse on my chest and it was difficult to breathe. Sometimes, i even had this problem when i wasnt even laying down. Sometimes, i would feel a lot of tension in my chest and it would even go up into my neck muscles and down my left arm. At first, i thought that i had a heart problem but even if i did, there was nothing i could do about it, not having any insurance. But i was only about 28 years old at the time. But i realized that it was a spirit of infirmity oppressing me when I started quoting a verse from psalm 91 while touching my chest. "He shall cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you shall take refuge." When i said that and touched my chest with my hand, immediately, air would be sucked into my lungs and i felt total relief. Instantly, all the pressure was gone. Then there were times when nothing seemed to help and it was driving me crazy! So i went and called a friend and asked him to pray for me over the phone and as soon as he began to pray, I felt gravity increase, literally pulling me down to the floor. My whole body began to shake. Then and there, I knew that it was a spiritual attack and I was in spiritual warfare. From that day, I knew i would be okay because demons have no power over me other than what i give them by allowing them to feed on my fear. So, I wasn't afraid anymore. And besides that, God is really in control and he has also given me authority over them. Somwhere in the bible, Jesus said, "Behold, I give you authority over all the power of the enemy and nothing shall by any means hurt you." But this is one of those things where it only works if you believe it. In other words, you can't use authority that you dont know you have. The CD Player Sometimes, my cds would sound like an old worn out cassette tape. Maybe I dont know this for sure but i dont think there is ever a reason for a cd to sound like that. And Sometimes, they would play just fine. That was too weird for me. The Voice One morming, i woke up and i was not experiencing sleep paralysis at that time. I was fully awake and able to move. But i heard a voice sing to me just as plain as day. It was sarcasticly and mockingly singing to the tune of the christian song I was listening to. I won't repeat what i heard. But i will say that i thought it was weak and a feeble attenpt to scare me so i gave it no thought and just went back to sleep. That was the last time anything strange or demonic ever happened to me other than nightmares. But i don't even have the nightmares anymore. So that's my story. Do you have a similar story? What do you think of sleep Paralysis and the existance of a rather unpleasant spiritual relm?
@mchlyang i do believe that in some cases it is just a medical thing but certainly not in all cases. and not in mine. it only happened to me twice when all that other stuff was happening and then it all stopped and that was years ago.
I have been experiencing sleep paralysis since I was 10. I have seen it all. when it first started to happen I was tarified. but with time a became used to it. it doesn't happen usually, probably not once a month maximum. I no more feel scared when it happens, lol. I also recommend following @mchlyang advice.
@MelissaMae I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to disregard anything you said! I was just sharing my experience with sleep paralysis. Sorry if I've offended you.
I've experienced sleep paralysis about five times. But for me, it happens when I'm really f**king happens to a lot of people and one way you could prevent it is to get enough sleep! Also, get some quality sleep as well. And after my second one, I have my own way of brekaing out of my sleep paralysis state!
this is true
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